Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Strategies for Bringing New Clients into Your Business
Strategies for Bringing New Clients into Your Business
Of course it's tough when you require new clients and very little seems to be working. If you are tapped out of fresh ideas, then it's time to switch gears and do something different. Don't keep repeating the same methods if they are doing nothing productive for you. Since you are reading this article, then that is good and you're doing something right. You can discover lots of ways to help you find new clients. Choose those you can implement quickly and without much prep time or cost. Forget about SEO as any kind of short term solution, as well.

Brainstorm new ways to expand your networking efforts and include both the web and offline. For professionals, LinkedIn is a great place to network and meet people. You can do a lot at LinkedIn and it's worth your time to learn more about this. Also, look at what you can do right there in your home town. You can join the US Chamber of Commerce both at the local and national levels. Attend as many CoC functions as possible and just meet people, talk about business, and be sure to give them your business card. Another powerful idea is to give a talk in your local area about a topic that is important to your market audience. Anytime you want more clients, then don't forget about doing it the old-fashioned way - advertise in real newspapers. If you have more to spend, then check out services that will run your ad in papers across the country (US). If you choose to do this, then put some kind of tracking in place for each ad so you know what is working. Plan very carefully and make sure your ad is something more than a small classified. Take your time writing the ad copy and include benefits prospective clients will receive from your service. Also, don't overlook the importance of using a strong call to action in your ad.

Ensure you maintain a database of what you have done and organize your lead prospecting activities better. An Excel spreadsheet will work fine for this type of record keeping. Of course you can find online services that will make this all very easy for you. Once you have a robust prospecting process in place, it can be tough remembering who you contacted, what they said, etc. You will also want to learn from your experiences and any perceived mistakes you made. What is helpful about keeping track of your prospects is you can make notes about the contact. If you have some cash on hand, consider professional lead generation services to help kick start your efforts. Researching is essential and don't go cheap when it comes to what you are buying. There are some very well established companies that can provide excellent leads. What you should do is test them with smaller orders and see how they work for you. Be sure that your leads are fresh and never more than thirty days past times.

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