Sunday, August 4, 2013

Red Italian Coral
Red Italian Coral
Red Italian Reefs - 9-11 carats in silver trinket

Red Reefs delivers good luck in life, success in company or solution and status in culture. It luckies the user with monetary security, additional power, toughness and determination to satisfy difficulties & face critical circumstances. It is a gems of world Mars.

Red Reefs arrived ring/bracelet baseding on provides just beneficial outcomes to the user and pacifies malefic results of Mars and improves the favorable results. It might be used by those that have Mars malefic in their graph in addition to by those that have Mars benefic. An individual that wants to have security in career/marital life and have even more toughness and nerve to deal with difficulties might utilize this gems.

High quality - Unattended, organic, superior, glossy, Vedic astrology authorized gems.
Shade - Deep Orangey red
Form - Pillow
Measurements: 14 x 8 x 6 mm
Cost each carat - Rs 1200

Certification will certainly be provided.

Endure little finger just for complete outcomes. Use this as a trinket.

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